Each box contains spices in glass jars and a recipe - that's 10oz of spice in each box.


Winter Grill - the flavors of Summer to last you through the darker months.

(Contains: Chipotle HOney Rub, Applewood Smoked Salt, Honey BBQ Rub, Key West Style Seasoning, Cribbean Spicy Chicken)


Chili Two Ways Box - this box contains the basic ingredients for not only a tex-mex style chili, but also Cincinatti Chili.

(Contains: Dark Chili Powder, Cumin Powder, Mexican Oregano, Chili New Mexico, Chopped Garlic, Cincinnati Chili Mix)


Diva’s Delight - a popular favorite for many years, this box contains our bestsellers for this year. They are a great introduction to anyone who is  being introduced to The Spice Diva. We are enclosing a special recipe in this box.

(Contains: Sazón, Sicilian Spice Blend, SMoked Sweet Paprika, Chilli Aleppo and Herbes de Provence)

Holiday Gift Boxes